Photos provided by Susan McLaren

When The Listening was first conceptualized, it looked a lot like another open mic. In 2013, there were four different events, each themed differently than the last.

In 2015, that simple format is revisited, but largely unchanged. Four events, planned to take place quarterly. Each with its own theme.

The Listening was always intended to engage the youth of the city. This year, we plan to do just that. 

Something new is happening. Starting with the first event of the year, "The Listening: Renaissance". On February 21st, artists are encouraged to present their art with the theme of newness and originality in mind, whether it be dance, spoken word, drama, or music.

To further communicate this idea, we will revisit the Harlem Renaissance, a time of a creative boldness that has forever changed this country. All are encouraged to dress in costume, whether performing or not. Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed, courtesy of The White Hart Cafe and Phantastic Books.

Times are a'changing in Lynchburg. I would appreciate it if you were a part of it.


Nicholas GeorgeComment