Signature Session Artists: Peace Core


Peace Core

Signature Session Artists

Peace Core is a hip-hop collective with a unique mission to make a major impact.

Peace Core is a collective of artists who have brought together their individual gifts and talents to create and inspire others. Ranging from DJs and producers to cinematographers and visual artists, they all share a love for a good cypher.

Cypher (ci-pher), noun - the process of tapping into your subconscious. a state of mind where thoughts flow from your mind rather than being instrumented. - Peace Core Definition

By focusing on transcending urban culture through the arts and connecting over a love of music, Peace Core has made it their mission to promote love, acceptance, and peace. Whether this team is promoting the hard work of local artists or hosting an event of their own, the goal is the same: bring people together.

Peace Core is:

Foxy Leone





Kei Harris


Peace Core Posse Cut An Oneiric Lens Production

Directed By: Chad Gobar Vocals: Kei Harris, Lord Red, Chad Gobar, Noah Pepper, Foxy Leone, & Dill The Nomad

Production: Kei Harris