SV: Jah'Nette Tucker

How different is your writing style from your performance style?

The way I write is not all that different from how I perform. When I write I try to emphasize on words that I want to hit on. I will leave a blank under a word so that I know there is a pause after it. I know you're probably wondering what I mean by all of this. So, let me give an example:

Title: My Proposal

The VIEW of a MAN

Miscued, blindly, upside down, fogs up, my window PAIN as he DRAWS



Name three artists or musicians that you would love to open for, dead or alive.

Why did you start writing?

I started writing because it was the best way I could express myself. When I was younger, I never felt heard or that I could explain how I felt; let alone what may be going on with me. Writing was and is my best friend, taking the time to reflect and have healing from it, is a blessing. When I was young, I use to write songs and play it with the Piano or harp. At one point in my life, I let it go because I found a new best friend and his name, was Spalding. Yes, basketball had my heart. I lived basketball, dreamed it, ate it, and slept it. Writing for me just became foreign. That was, until I dedicated my life to Christ in 2013 and I started writing again.

I watched this spoken word at church of this guy named Jefferson Bethke, one of the dopest and most influential artists to me so far. I began to look him up and came across more artists that were just like him. After watching so many of their videos, it moved me to start writing again, and the title of the spoken word that resulted from it is "In a Mirror, Forgive Me". I shared this poem of mine with a friend and she pushed me to get out and share it with others, because they needed to hear my spoken words! I started speaking at a small bible study, to traveling and sharing wherever there is an open mic. I am now coming back around to playing the piano with spoken word and singing as well, which I am so excited to do as I also start learning how to play the guitar!

What’s been the hardest piece to perform in front of an audience?

I would have to say "My Proposal" because it talked about my time in an abusive relationship. It was one of the hardest things for me to talk about for a long time.

What have you been reading lately?

Umm.. I would have to say books from school. No really, mainly the Bible and this book called "Why Don't We Listen Better?" by James C. Petersen.

If 13-year old Jahnette saw you performing, what do you hope she’d get from the experience?

I hope she would get the feeling of self-worth and importance knowing who Christ is and that she doesn't have to listen to the critics and she can fear nothing because of who she is in Christ. It's not easy but it is totally worth it! I also hope it is inspiring her to make a difference.

Using five words, tell us, what is Spencer’s Vanguard?

Talent - Passionate - Alive - Free - Astounding.