SV: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

 What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

- Mostly lame stuff, like Christian music. Once I had access to the internet, I found all kinds of cool stuff. I couldn't get enough of Mahalia Jackson and Jeff Buckley.

What is your current guilty pleasure to listen to?

- Every now and then, I will binge on YouTube videos of gospel divas singing in church. Church, my top three divas are Melonie Daniels, Tiffany Mosley, and Callie Day.

If 13-year old Jeremiah saw you perform live, what would you hope he receive from the experience?

- He would probably be surprised to see adult me on stage in a dress, if not mortified.

What is the hardest thing about creating music in 2016?

- As an independent artist, the hardest and most rewarding part of making music has been taking care of the business side of things. On one hand, promotion, booking and other logistics can be a pain for the "right-brained". But if you're lucky, you get to experience building something from the ground up with your friends.

You have a history of singing with larger groups and choirs. What has the transition to solo artist been like?

- Not hard at all. Anything that has manifested has been because of a community. "Solo artist" just means you get all the attention.

Photo Credit: Susan McLaren Photography

Photo Credit: Susan McLaren Photography

Which one are you, Jeremiah Harmon or Lloyd Harmon or Ra-K35H? What’s the difference?

- You tell me. I can't even keep up. I guess reinventing myself is in my nature.

Using five words, tell us, what is Spencer’s Vanguard?

- Artists creating an open dialogue.