Name three albums that everyone should hear before they die.

Photo Credit: Foster & Asher

Photo Credit: Foster & Asher

Where did your name come from?

- My name “KillGXXD” came from my email address, but a shorter version. My brother Paris Jones also suggested that I should call myself KillGXXD.

You’ve described yourself less as a DJ and more of a producer or music maker. What is the difference, and why does it matter to you?

- Although I’ve done some DJ work in my career, I much prefer to be known as a creator, a music maker. DJ-ing feel like slavery most times. You do what the crowd wants. I’ve never been that type of guy and I always did what I wanted or felt. I love to express myself. Creating and producing music allows me to do just that.

What’s your favorite instrument to play? Why?

- My favorite instrument to play happens to be the Bass Guitar (so far). For some reason, the bass guitar gets looked at as a simple instrument, but depending on the individual’s skill level, it can become very complex and can bring out some unique sounds.

What would make you want to quit making music?

- I would quit making music the moment it becomes slavery and forced upon me. I’ll also quit if it becomes a problem amongst my family.

Name three artists or musicians that you would love to open for, dead or alive.

- Sheesh, there’s so many! I would love to open for Kamasi Washington, Kanye West, and Corey Henry. I’ll admit that this list can change as I go throughout the day. But whatever.

Spencer’s Vanguard is…

- …a unique body of expressions.