SV: Kole Siah

Musically, what group or band is your greatest influence?

- Musically, Radiohead is my favorite band. their ability to create their own sound is impeccable to me. And each of their albums still carries those same feelings and sounds, with slight differences & progression. I love them.

Describe a time you almost quit creating.

- I stop creating just about every six months. I get caught up in destractions or a bad mood and it just grows into a "funk" that soaks into every strand of self confidence that I have. I start doubting my choice in career, my talent, and even my capability. Fortunately, so far I've only come out of them with a stronger passion, and different take on my crafts- which helps me in the long run. This actually just happened again recently, but Im coming out of it again, & this time I'm focusing on staying out of it.

Kole Siah is to music, as ____ is to _____.

At Lynchstock 2016

- I think I am to music like a moth to a flame- It just attracts me. It feels right to me, everything about performing does- but there's something about music... its vibration and the way it brings people together- like more moths!

What is your favorite lyric that you’ve written?

- To be honest- I don't really know if I feel my lyrics like that!

Using five words, tell us, what is Spencer’s Vanguard?

- Spencer's Vanguard is Creating Change Where Stagnancy Lays(Lies?)...creating culture for a community that desperately needs it. We are creating resources for the next generation to use diversity in confidence and be proud of being original & creative- things many of us lacked in our upbringing.