SV: Nakesha Renee Moore

 You’ve described yourself as an introvert, yet you are recognized in the community as a dynamo behind the microphone. How can the two exist?

- I think the technical term is ambivert, which is someone who displays qualities of an introvert as well as extrovert. I’m a homebody. I genuinely enjoy my own company. I’m usually uncomfortable in large crowds, unless I’m on stage. But somehow, when I’m performing, I’m not intimidated. I feel safe. I think it is a paradox that exists inside many artists. Off-stage, I’m shy and noticeably awkward. In my poetry, I’m bold and fearless. I think those few moments of courage allow me to be a recluse the rest of the time.

What music do you listen to before a performance?

- My playlists vary, but there are two songs that I must listen to before every show. ‘Read All About It’ by Emeli Sande and ‘Even Closer’ by Goapele.

Your children, Marquis and Savannah, accompany you to many of your performances. What do you hope they learn from the experience?

- I take my children with me almost everywhere. I want to expose them to the power of art and culture. I believe that art is born of pain, but art heals. It heals me every time I write. I need my children to know that. They know how shy I am, but they see me face my fears every time I perform. I hope to show them that if I can do it, so can they. I want them to be proud of their Mommy.

Finish this Nas lyric with your own thoughts: “If I ruled the world…”

-        “If I ruled the world

Our education would be rooted in truth

I’d free the minds of the youth

Instead of being programmed by a two-party system

And segregated for the sake of division

My people would stand united

And these states of America

Would be ruled by greed and paranoia

I’d shut down the FDA

Screw cancer, the judge and the DA

No more school to prison

I’d shut down the pipeline

Have the whole NFL kneeling on the 50 yard line

No more wars for oil

No more robbing the third world for gold

Open your third eye

That’s my goal”

Spencer’s Vanguard is…

-        “…what I’ve been waiting for.”