SV: Paris Jones

Photo Credit: Susan McLaren Photography

Photo Credit: Susan McLaren Photography

Why is making music so important? Why not just listen and enjoy like other people?

- It's really just apart of who I am. I would listen like everyone else if I had the choice, but for now I don't and I probably won't ever be able to. So, I just use the gift that I have given until it's time to leave earth.

What’s been the hardest thing to write or sing about?

 - My son passing away. I have songs I'll probably never perform live. It'll just be too hard. So fans just have to listen to the record.

Name your top five producers from the last 15 years.

Create the perfect concert experience, dead or alive, across genres.

- It would be the weirdest festival of all time. King David, Beethoven, The Temptations, Tupac, J Dilla, Francis and the Lights, Curtis Mayfield, Kanye West, The Dirty Projectors, Solange, Brian Wilson, and ATCQ.

Using five words, tell us, what is Spencer’s Vanguard?

- Acceptance and appreciation.