SV: Peter Collins

You come from a very musical family. Tell us about the first time you realized that you wanted to start singing on your own.

- I decided that I wanted to be an artist around 2012 or 2013, when I was just starting college as an Industrial Engineer major. I was in my second or third semester when I would always find myself playing music in stairwells to relieve stress. I started playing guitar in 2012, self-taught, and I built off from there. I’ve always been a singer, but decided to do it professionally in 2013. It was an interesting choice. That’s when I figured out my style and my life shifted.

Social media has helped your voice reach thousands of people. What’s the difference between a viral video and performing live, on stage?

- A viral video is much less nerve-wracking. Singing live, I’m bound to get nervous. A viral video can take a lot of takes and you don’t know it’ll go viral and a live performance will be fueled by the energy of the audience and, for me, God. I really love singing live over singing online, but I truly love both.

Name your top 5 music albums to listen to.

- They never stay the same, but I can name the most recent or present:

Photo Credit: Susan McLaren Photography

Photo Credit: Susan McLaren Photography

What’s been the hardest thing to write or sing about?

- The hardest thing to write about is time. The hardest thing to sing about is struggle.

Spencer’s Vanguard is…

-        …freedom, art, talent, message, life.