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The Origin Story: Part Three

I realized that I hadn't completely given the full 'origin story' of The Listening. There was my story, and there was the spark that got things moving, but I don't know that the tale was told. The purpose was there, and the history was there, but had I communicated the passion wholly? And where the heck did the name come from?

Allow me the chance to do that now. 

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The Origin Story: Part Two

There are stories all around us, but it is not always safe or comfortable to share these stories, for fear of persecution or being misunderstood. There are countless songs and poems and words and voices aching to be heard, searching for people to just listen to them and not simply wait for their turn to retort or offer a sales pitch.

In the words of George Costanza, we are living in a society, aren’t we?

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Remembering Jon

It was 2014, and my wife and I prepared for the arrival of our daughter. The thought of The Listening was still in my head, and no matter how I tried to get rid of it, I couldn't let it go. I finally conceded and thought that I would channel it through a little street photography project I called "What Are You Listening To".  

It was through this project that I first met Jon. 

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