2019: On Our State of Things

We are in the midst of graduating from a start-up organization to our development stage, where we focus on getting better at what we do. We’ve got your ears, but we’re aiming for your hearts. Everything is changing, but we’re still the same.

This is just a friendly reminder, but allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

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Nicholas GeorgeComment
To Be Young

Trust me, at 31, I would love to group myself in that category of feeling as spry as the days of my teens, but in reality, I don’t. Between my knees yelling at me for doing too much dancing at that one wedding reception and my kids yelling at me because they don’t want to take baths, I’m fully aware that I am not as young as I used to be.

But I remember it all like it was yesterday.

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

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