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5th Annual Free Listening Day

  • The Listening, Inc. P.O. Box 515 Lynchburg, VA (map)

On April 11th, volunteers from all over the world will take to the streets to participate in the 5th Annual Free Listening Day.

Free Listening Day is a day of unity, a day of togetherness, and a day of Listening. People will be heard, stories will be shared, and community will be connected.

To participate, simply go to our website and register as a Free Listener to let us know where you will be Listening on April 11th:

  1. Make a Sign!
    Just write "FREE LISTENING" on some cardboard or poster board. Your sign can be as simple or as artistic as you want it to be.

  2. Choose a Spot!
    Find a safe street corner where there's lots of foot traffic. Hold up your sign and wait for someone to approach you.

  3. Listen!
    When someone approaches you, put your sign down and listen, giving them your full attention.

  4. Share Your Experience!
    Take some photos of you and your friends listening! Use hashtags #FL2019 & #freelistening and share your experience on social media.

    If you’ve been curious, if you’ve been waiting to join, or if you’re moved to make a difference, this will be your chance!

Later Event: April 25
Open Mic Session: perfect.