Q. oKAY, SO SERIOUSLY. wHAT IS The Listening? 

A. The Listening started as a simply concept for a different approach for open mics in Lynchburg. It was inspired by Little Brother's debut album of the same title (which you should listen to if you're a fan of hip-hop. After becoming incorporated and receiving tax-exemption in 2016, The Listening, Inc is an organization devoted to using the performing arts to change the lives of the youth in our community.


Q. What exactly do you guys do?

A. We hold a number of events throughout the year, primarily including, but not limited to themed open mics, movie nights, and performance showcases. We can also be found advocating for cultural issues, creative ventures and youth development.


Q. Sounds cool! How can I be down?

Image by Susan McLaren Photography

Image by Susan McLaren Photography

A. We're all about collaborating and making more friends! Email or contact us for more information!


Q: What is this "spencer's Vanguard" thing? 

A: Spencer's Vanguard is a group of talented poets, singers, musicians, and songwriters, united by the impact that the performing arts have had on their lives, and the potential it has to change lives. Each artist has their own unique story and purpose, which they bring to the stage and the microphone each time they speak.

Inspired by Anne Spencer, local legend and Harlem Renaissance poet, SV aspires to present a new standard for live performances and passionate art. 


Q: Can I join Spencer's Vanguard on stage? Like I said, I'm tryna be down!

A: We'd love it if you came through to our open mics throughout the year! When it comes to the collective of artists known as Spencer's Vanguard, however, our "Stripped Sessions" are a invite-only showcase.