Free Listening

In Partnership with Urban Confessional

Founded in 2012, Urban Confessional is a Free Listening movement that has inspired the world to listen, stay present, and love each other. This video details our story, our mission, and our future.

All In A Name…

Listening. It’s kind of our thing.

When it comes to how we listen to each other, however, it gets a little more nuanced. More than poetry and music, we want to create opportunities to listen the people around us. We’re all walking around with stories inside of us, and way too often, those stories and burdens get ignored.

The good folks at Urban Confessional feel the exact same way.

This is why The Listening is following their lead with their Free Listening campaign. Armed with cardboard and open ears, we are joining thousands of people across the planet in this global movement to normalize compassionate listening.

It doesn’t always happen on a stage. But we all deserve to be heard.

Visit Urban Confessional to learn more.