Our Core Beliefs at The Listening

TLI Manefesto

We center our mission, vision and values around our core beliefs at The Listening. We start with a mutual understanding that the performing arts can transform communities by impacting individuals. From there, we have built a mantra that focuses our energies on the activities that will have the greatest impact.



Our mission is to engage, change and save lives with the performing arts, through community engagement and youth mentoring.

There is a community where arts advocacy, social justice, and youth mentoring connect; where young people are encouraged to take notice of the world around them and engage passionately and with purpose. The Listening, Inc aspires to be that safe place, where young people are engaged to use the performing arts to ask questions, develop answers, perform with purpose and change the world around them.
With TLI, one sole question is asked: “If you had a room full of people willing to listen to you, what would you say?”


The Listening, Inc exists to challenge the perception of the performing arts being strictly for entertainment purposes, and connect it to its healing properties. We seek to confront lethargy, illiteracy, stagnation, and segregation, by building intentional relationships and seeking diversity in our creative expression.
We have a bold vision to see our community changed by socially minded artists who have a burden to use their talent, time, and passion to change the world around them, as well as the world inside of them. We believe that the road towards a better tomorrow is best accomplished passionately, creatively, and intentionally - together.


  • CREATIVITY - With the performing arts as our main mode of impact, we strive for creative methods to use spoken word/poetry, dance, music and/or theater to achieve our goals.

  • AUTHENTICITY - We seek appropriate transparency in our altruism, recognizing that trust is an investment, earned with openness and accountability. In that same spirit, we honor the investments and charitable intentions of our supporters and donors to meet current and future community needs. 

  • INNOVATION - As a young organization, we champion efforts to discover new methods of engaging the world around us.

  • CURIOSITY - We serve as a safe space to explore and achieve understanding of our neighbors.

  • COMMUNITY - We strongly believe in working together, and seek to contribute to a collaborative narrative across sectors, perspectives and ideologies.