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Our events, partnerships & initiatives have one secret ingredient: Your Story.


How we work


Our themed open mics bring together a community of performers, willing to engage with subject matter aimed at the core of who we are and the world we come from.

Past themes include:

  • Origins
  • Confessions
  • Legacy
  • Renaissance
  • Classics
  • Hope
It’s an environment to engage and provoke thought and meet like-minded individuals interested in looking at the world a little harder — a little deeper — all within the confines of a safe space.

The Stripped Seasons

Join Spencer's Vanguard throughout the year as we host performance showcases and present a new standard of performance art and creative passion.

After-School Mentorship

This club serves as a creative outlet for students at Dunbar Middle School who are interested in creative writing and spoken word. The Listening, Inc. encourages students to use their own stories and experiences to create original poetry and craft their performance styles. The goal of this club is to help students create performance pieces that will build their creative development, self-confidence and self-awareness, as well as social and cultural awareness.

Artist-As-Citizen Youth Award

Our AAC Youth Award seeks to identify passionate young artists in our community who desire to use their art to change the world. In partnership with Artists Striving to End Poverty (ASTEP)the next generation of artistic revolutionaries are given the opportunity to attend the annual six-day Artist as Citizen Conference at Julliard College in New York City, where they will cover three major themes: Artistic Excellence, Entrepreneurship, and Activism. For more information about the conference, click here!

Performing with The Listening was a breath of fresh air. Creativity lives within the abundance of each poet and doesn’t let go until the final applause.
— Jawansa Hall, Co-Owner of Blackwater Branding

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