Join Our Partners

One of our core beliefs is to work together in community; we know that we can do more if we do it together. We would love to collaborate with you or your organization to make our world a better place. If you think we’re having a positive impact on the community, you may want to become one of our partners. We’re always looking for like-minded organizations and individuals to work with us.


Support Us

  • Hosting an event: You can open up your space for one of our Potlucks, Signature Sessions or Fundraising events. The city of Lynchburg has many beautiful spaces, some that are well known, and some that are still undiscovered. We’d like to explore both!

  • Join us at an Open Mic Session: Our open mic sessions explore various topics and themes, with the goal to engage local artists and performers with their talents. Let’s work together to find a way to let more people know about your services and resources!

  • Propose a Project: There is more than one way to have an impact on the community, and we want to work with you to do it. Fill out this form to submit a proposal for a Collaborative Project!

  • Sponsor a Program/Activity: Your support makes sure that our events, programs and activities stay either free or low costs to the many community members that participate. Together, we can make an undeniable impact!

If you think you can help in any of these areas, reach out to us directly.

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