Events in Central Virginia

We regularly host events in Central Virginia that reach out into the local community. While we may be best known for our open mic sessions we hold many different types of gatherings that fit with our mission and vision.


Our First Five Years - 2013 to 2018


Regular Events


Open Mic Sessions

Welcome to Lynchburg’s Premier Open Mic Session. These open mic sessions are open to 18+, and focus on three tentpoles of impact: The Art - The Artist - The Community. Through a strategic alliance, these open mics are held at Speakertree Records, Lynchburg’s main record store! Attendees are encouraged to engage, either through performing or other opportunities presented at each open mic. These sessions take place on the Second Thursday of each month, unless otherwise indicated.


Under 18 Open Mics

(coming in 2019!)

Under 18 Open Mic Sessions are more broad and open to local middle (7-8th grade) and high school students. These sessions are spaces for young poets, musicians, and dancers to speak their truth - no censorship, no judgement, no hate - all you. These sessions will take place on the last Friday of each month, unless otherwise indicated.


Screen/Shot: Movie Nights & Discussion

(coming in 2019!)

Since 2016, The Listening has been engaging the community with thought provoking films and documentaries that showcase the use of the performing arts to speak to the human condition and inspire change throughout our culture. With Riverviews Artspace, we hope to continue this collaborative spirit with "Screen/Shot", a free quarterly film series.


Past Movie Screenings and Discussions


Special Events


Signature Sessions

Signature Sessions (formally known as Stripped Sessions) are bi-annual (twice a year) showcases that feature local and national talent. These sessions have no pre-selected themes, but scheduled in advance, and give the community access to the person behind the art. Artists that grace the stage at these sessions use their talents to inspire, motivate and instigate cultural impact.


Spencer’s Vanguard presents…

These annual fundraising events are produced by Spencer’s Vanguard, The Listening’s community of artists and volunteers. For one night, young artists, creatives and performers are given the opportunity to present their talents to the community through this Youth Talent Showcase.


A Renaissance Gala

(coming in 2019!)

The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s was a cultural movement that gave voice to the force of some of our country’s most impactful and prolific talents, from Langston Hughes and the Nicholas Brothers to Anne Spencer and Louis Armstrong. Here in Central Virginia, we’ve been experiencing something of a ‘cultural renaissance’ of our own. With this annual fundraising event, out goal is to celebrate the legacy of our past while striving towards the innovation and creativity of our artistic future!