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We believe that the performing arts can change the world.

Here's how you can help.


We are always looking for support as we grow and develop this mission! Contact us for more info!

  • Blogger - Are you the kind of music fan that reads the liner notes? Or the kind of dancer that gets excited about the choreography in your favorite music videos? Are you still saving up loose change to see "The Lion King" or "Hamilton" on stage? More importantly, do you believe that the performing arts can change lives? Contact us for a chance to be a featured guest contributor to our blog! 
  • Social Media Support - We like to keep things simple. Sometimes, that requires a lot of work. The ideal candidate must have experience in events management and social media. You must be able to take initiative, savvy in the ways of social media, and extremely motivated (with an eye for catchy hashtags and selfie opportunities)! This role will involve tasks such as liaising with potential venues and collaborators, sending out or proofing emails, managing our social media accounts, and working behind the scenes at our growing list of events throughout the year. As an incentive, you will be able to attend ALL EVENTS - COMPLETELY FREE!
  • Administrative Support - The ideal candidate for this role is an incredibly organized individual with administrative experience and a expressed appreciation for the mission of The Listening. Extensive experience with Microsoft Office Suite and content creation. Tasks include scheduling meetings and events with/for the Executive Committee of The Listening, project management, research and working closely with Social Media Support. As an incentive, you will be able to attend ALL EVENTS - COMPLETELY FREE!


Your tax-deductable donation allows us to continue to work with the community and make an impact on this locale.

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