One Step Closer: Remembering Chester

Suicide isn't the kind of thing that is easily understood. Teenage angst, as often as it's depicted in sitcoms, rom-coms, and streaming series, is a messy place, especially when you're in the midst of it. One of its more identifying factors and untruths is that you are alone and no one will ever understand you. Chester and Linkin Park's art (and YES it was art) help me fight that lie. 

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Dear America: From A Mother of Brown Children

One day, my children will be ready to leave our home and go off into your landscape. I will take every opportunity to prepare them until that day comes. I will teach them to love their brother, take care of family, say their prayers, and always do what is right. They will know that America is a work in progress, capable of greater good and great evil.

I will teach my children the truth about you, America.

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