Signature Session Artist: Caleb Michael Settje


Caleb Michael Settje

Signature Session Artist

“I have been performing since I was 8 years old, but only started writing music in 2017, and am working on recording & producing my first EP, which can be expected this spring! I was born and raised in Forest, VA, where I am currently located, but I move around a lot as I can’t seem to ignore the nomadic imprint on my heart. 

“Music is unlike anything else in this world: a universal language, saturated in raw emotion, and when created with pure intent, powerful. I feel quite peaceful as I watch my fingers dance along the keys of my piano, and experience the sweetest release as my voice maneuvers around a melody. I truly cannot imagine what life would be like without this sweet gift. Come see me, and the other talented performers, on March 23rd, at The Ellington!

You don’t want to miss it.”

- Caleb

Vocals: Ryan Allen Gray & Rowan (Caleb Michael Settje)

Visuals: Forest Royer