We Need to Talk About Michael.

Documentaries serve as a looking glass into the peculiar, the beautiful, and the ugly. We, comfortably in our homes, experience uncomfortable material. We are transported to the center of people’s lives. A lot of times documentaries are best consumed with others. Especially with the case of Micheal Jackson’s This Is It, carrying viewers all the way into the summer of 2009.

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Maria NavolioComment
One Week Later: What's Next?

It’s been a full week without Freedom School. If I’m being honest with you, it’s gone by rather quickly. When the days don’t begin with Harambee, or if they’re not filled with constant engagement or intentional conversation with young people, the days tends to fly by. Unlike the previous six weeks, last week was considerably quiet as we all attempted to adjust and prepare for the upcoming school year.

The biggest question that we’ve been wrestling with is how do we keep this going?

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One Week Away: Thank You to Our Supporters!

In one week, Lynchburg will join the story of Freedom Riders from a generation ago and continue the legacy with hundreds of other communities around the country who believe in freedom.

For six weeks, our officially trained staff will be welcoming local middle school youth into something that’s nothing like school. We will be the only Freedom School site in Central Virginia, and we believe that once we get started, countless lives will be changed forever.

And we could not do it without you.

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Open Letter to our Freedom School Interns

Your scholars will show up this summer hurting and scared. It won’t look like it. They’ll still laugh, pick on each other, and goof off when you need them to pay attention. But wait until Week 3 and watch their faces closely…Take note of your class clown who turns quiet, give grace when a scholar talks back. Even the ones who want to talk about it will still feel uncomfortable asking the questions they’ve been fighting with for weeks.

This is where you put in work.

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